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Tunde Bakare

Bible Study On Hannah Prayer

The description of this Bible study is as follows: Hannah’s prayer in the days before Samuel was born has become one of the most famous and beloved prayers in Scripture. It reveals how to offer praise and thanksgiving from your heart – indeed, from the depths of your very soul. Hannah was a woman who… Read More »Bible Study On Hannah Prayer

Bible Study On Grace pdf

Unlock the keys to effective bible study with a new bible study ebook called how to unlock the keys to effective bible study. Here, you will discover nine principles of biblical study that you can use in your personal study time or as part of your weekly bible study in a church. Study the Bible… Read More »Bible Study On Grace pdf

Bible Study On Goal Setting

Setting objectives is a simple process. Honouring God with your goals is a little more difficult. It calls for contemplation, time, and a firm grasp of how the Bible relates to your circumstances right now. We pray that some of the smart goals in the bible we’ll share with you today will equip you to… Read More »Bible Study On Goal Setting

Bible Study On Attitude

Attitude is, by far, one of the most important elements of being a Christian. I read it in a book once, and that makes it true. See, we need to remember examples of good attitudes in the Bible and how they determine how much we enjoy our relationship with God. For example, if we have… Read More »Bible Study On Attitude

Bible Study For Police Officers

Evangelizing to police officer is a challenging yet rewarding ministry. Usually, the police seem to be more conservative than most people, so an open-minded approach is key in evangelizing to them. Whether you’re a police officer, civil servant, or private investigator, life can be stressful at times. Not having a private area to study the… Read More »Bible Study For Police Officers

Bible Study For Caregivers

When losing a loved one, it can be difficult to find psalm for caregivers. The Bible can be a place to turn during times of need or loss. Daily encouragement for caregivers and verses can offer comfort during difficult times. You will find comfort in the words of the Bible when you are looking for… Read More »Bible Study For Caregivers

Prayer For Police Officer

If followed, laws provide limits and guidelines that help to ensure the safety of all citizens. The law teaches us that our actions have repercussions. They help us avoid bad choices and make good ones in order to live virtuously. Without the power to enforce them, laws have no value. Judges, watchmen, and guards are… Read More »Prayer For Police Officer