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Tunde Bakare

Prayers to the dust of Vraja

Essentially, it’s giving God control of everything good and bad in our lives, including our desires, needs, suffering, and grief, and doing so while being grateful. The more we give gratitude to God no matter what, the more we realize we need Him to guide us through this life if we want to live abundantly.… Read More »Prayers to the dust of Vraja


Jesus was a master of using parables to teach his followers about the kingdom of heaven. The ancient Jewish people were familiar with parables, which were short stories that taught moral lessons. However, Jesus’ parables were different from those of other teachers because he told them in such a way that anyone could understand them.… Read More »PARABLES OF JESUS IN THE BIBLE

Prayer To Get Rid Of A Person

Prayer to remove an evil person from your life can be recited when you seek ways to defend yourself from toxic people. If you recite this prayer sincerely, the peace of the Lord, which surpasses everything, will guard you when you face toxic people. Hence, Nevidya introduces some powerful prayers in this regard. Prayer to… Read More »Prayer To Get Rid Of A Person

Spiritual meaning of soul

Family is the foundational unit of society. Also, the family is our first ministry. They are the people who are always with us and those we will spend the rest of our lives with. For that reason, the family ought to stick together no matter what happens. And praying for our families always is one… Read More »Spiritual meaning of soul

Bible Verses About Night

Night is a time of rest and contemplation. The Bible has many verses about night, as well as many references to the “night” of death and the “day” of resurrection. Night is a time for rest. In Psalm 121:6, God’s protection is described as a “shadow.” His shadow is a reference to darkness, which can… Read More »Bible Verses About Night