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John Kolade

Wels Church Service Online

We are a church based in Wimbledon which have been meeting in the local area for over 20 years. Our services are printed in the weekly magazine and helps all our local viewers find what is going on next weekend and provides contact details. We have now decided to begin using online technology so that… Read More »Wels Church Service Online

Welcome To Sunday Service

From a church perspective, having your church service times listed on your website is a must. You want to encourage people to join you for their weekly worship, and quite frankly, this is the best place to do it. How do you find out when your local churches are having services? The service times for… Read More »Welcome To Sunday Service

Wednesday Church Service Times

Churchgist is an excellent tool to help Churches & small groups stay organized and plan your church service times. With a wide-variety of features, it will help you communicate with your members and find new members to grow your church by using powerful sharing tools. This is the official source for all nations church times.… Read More »Wednesday Church Service Times

Waters Church Service Times

When it comes to online communication and social media marketing, churches have some of the most influential voices on the Internet. Christian churches are very popular as they can attract a very large number of visitors via social media. Let us look at an example of how you can use various social media channels to… Read More »Waters Church Service Times

Watermark Church Service Times

What are the Watermark Church Service Times? Read on for watermark dallas service times and watermark church locations. Imagine checking the website of your local church one day, only to find there were no service times listed anywhere on the homepage. How frustrating would that be? Watermark Church is paying special attention to their website… Read More »Watermark Church Service Times

Wave Church Service Times

The legendary “Harlem Chazzan,” Delroy Washington, Jr., noticed that a large number of people attended gospel churches on Sundays but not on other days, and he decided to start a weekly broadcast to address this issue. It has become a hassle for people to get to church and prepare for mass. So,he decided to deliver… Read More »Wave Church Service Times

Watch Kanye Sunday Service

Are you trying to attend the next Kanye West Sunday Service in your area but are wondering how much the tickets will cost? We’ll take a look at how you can get the best tickets and prices. Kanye West Sunday Service Tickets are on sale for $20 for each session, with all proceeds going to… Read More »Watch Kanye Sunday Service