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Isreal Majoyegbe

Prayer To Learn

PRAYER TO LEARN(FOR ALL) This prayer, written by the great saint, Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Qadri Amdavi (ra) will help you learn from old people. It will make your teachers happy and place in good position at home for yourself in the future I pray to learn with grace, freedom and enthusiasm. I want to… Read More »Prayer To Learn

Prayer To Krishna For Help

Lord Krishna is the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. He is also the purveyor of karma, or cause and effect. As such, he can be prayed to in times of need to help guide our actions in a way that will benefit ourselves and others. Lord Krishna! I am sinking in the mud of material… Read More »Prayer To Krishna For Help

Prayer To Kill Your Enemies

Prayer to Kill Your Enemies is a powerful weapon to help you overcome all hindrances and get your goals accomplished. It is extremely powerful, fast acting and lasting spell that works within 24 hours Prayer to Kill Your Enemies. The big man upstairs has many answers for the questions we have in our lifes. If… Read More »Prayer To Kill Your Enemies

Prayer To Keep Police Away

According to the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office, the threat of violent attacks from extremist and terrorist groups is high in the UK. As a public body protecting all members of our society, the police are aware of current and historical terrorist threats. Shield yourself and your loved ones from any harm inflicted by… Read More »Prayer To Keep Police Away