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Hafeez Saheed

Prayer To 7 Archangels

A lot of us has the habit of repeating times prayers.We may repeat the same prayer number of times so many times in a day.There are certain prayers which are considered to be lucky and most of the people repeat that prayer few times in a day.We often wonder is it only luck or is… Read More »Prayer To 7 Archangels

Prayer To 7 African Powers

Are you looking for how to pray to the seven african powers or 7 african powers benefits for whatever reason? No matter if it is for overcoming the evilness or having your heart desire… Prayer To 7 African Powers is the best way to pray for you. This prayer is about becoming royal and having… Read More »Prayer To 7 African Powers

Prayer To 3 Archangels

You’ve probably heard of St. Michael the Archangel, and have maybe even used one of the common prayers to St. Michael. However, do you know how powerful this prayer really is? Michael is one of the most powerful archangels, right after Gabriel and Raphael. But there are actually 3 very powerful archangels that are often… Read More »Prayer To 3 Archangels