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Hafeez Saheed

Prayer To Angel Jeliel

This prayer to Angel Jeliel was made for you by the world’s leading angel experts. These are true, real angels. The power in the prayer is already present, it is not from us – we are just channeling all of the positive energies into one powerful prayer that can repel and drive away evil forces… Read More »Prayer To Angel Jeliel

Prayer To Angel Jabamiah

Prayer To Angel Jabamiah: Angel Jabamiah is listed as a prayer for protection against any form of danger. This is thought in Jewish circles to be the Archangel which I believe to be Michael and in Christian circles thought to be the Archangel Gabriel. He stands guard at the heavenly gates, protecting men from their… Read More »Prayer To Angel Jabamiah

Prayer To Angel Harahel

Harahel (also spelled Haniel, Harahil) is the angel of rainbows and flowers. He has a unique role among the angels of God — he isn’t one of the seven archangels, nor was he associated with any particular Jewish tribe. He represents a special class of angels known as guardian angels. The Prayer To Angel Harahel… Read More »Prayer To Angel Harahel

Prayer To Angel Barachiel

Prayer of angel Barachiel is a powerful prayer to invoke angel Barachiel’s help in your life. Before reading the prayer, you need to know that this is a prayer to invoke angel Barachiel’s help. If all you want is angel, you don’t need to pray angel. By praying the angel prayer, you are summoning him… Read More »Prayer To Angel Barachiel

Prayer To Angel Azazel

If you’re looking for a prayer to Angel Azazel, you’ve come to the right place. This post explains who Angel Azazel is, why you should pray to him, and the exact prayers you should be saying Right here on churchgists, you are privy to a litany of relevant information on what kind of angel is… Read More »Prayer To Angel Azazel

Prayer To Angel Aladiah

Angel Aladiah is a male Angel. This Angel is likely to be obedient and loyal. Angel Aladiah governs over employment, business, and the judicial system, so if you’re looking for job or a promotion, it might be time to pray to him. Prayer to this Angel will restore balance and harmony into your life, protecting… Read More »Prayer To Angel Aladiah

Prayer To Amun Ra

This is a prayer to the ancient Egyptian god Amun. It is a very important prayer. The Prayer of Amun Ra was created hundreds of years ago in order to try and bring peace and prosperity. It has been used again and again over many years, and can really help you to gain control over… Read More »Prayer To Amun Ra

Prayer To Allah For Strength

I was trying to find a way to increase my Stamina in the office. I had very little stamina and ability to concentrate on my tasks. Then I found out a simple Prayer To Allah For Strength. The results were astounding. I couldn’t believe it myself, but all the amazing facts are verified by my… Read More »Prayer To Allah For Strength