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Hafeez Saheed

Prayer To Remove Sickness

A new day is dawning, and I feel full of hope, joy and purpose. I am seeing a professional therapist to help me stay balanced in times of difficulty. I have also received prayer not only from my closest friends and family, who are much more like my family than friends, but strangers, who are… Read More »Prayer To Remove Sickness

Prayer To Remove Self Pity

Remember when we were kids and someone would fall down, everyone would laugh? That is because we didn’t know any better. We were just kids so we weren’t exposed to envy, jealousy and self pity. Do you feel you’ve been given more than your share of difficulties? Or more than your share of blessings? Maybe… Read More »Prayer To Remove Self Pity

Prayer To Remove Pride

A prayer to remove pride by Brother Lawrence. There are no magic words or special incantations that can remove pride from our lives, but there is a way to get past it. Here’s how you can overcome pride with the first step – humility. Forgive my pride Lord. I accept that I have it. I… Read More »Prayer To Remove Pride

Prayer To Remove Pain

We may get hurt and feel pain. So let’s pray to remove pain from our body. Let’s use the following prayer to remove your pain (stiffness, tension, aches, soreness, bruising, etc.). Pain is one of the worst feelings there is in this world. It is a feeling that is hard to describe. There are certain… Read More »Prayer To Remove Pain

Prayer To Remove Oppression

A prayer to remove oppression is simply a prayer of supplication or entreaty to God to intervene in the life of a person that has been oppressed on any level. Prayer is one of the most powerful things you can do, in fact even Jesus said that when He returns to earth people will lay… Read More »Prayer To Remove Oppression