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Hafeez Saheed

Prayer To Remove Third Party

We hear it from people all the time, “I have a dilemma, I need your help” or “I have a problem, what can you do to fix this?” The tricky thing about these is that they’re really challenges. You see, when people approach us with such challenges, whether its personal or spiritual in nature, it… Read More »Prayer To Remove Third Party

Prayer To Remove The Enemy

These Christian prayers and phrases are said to remove all evil forces, obstacles, tests and challenges hindering the health, happiness and success in the life of children, adults, singles or couples that have been sent by the evil person, witch or spirit. God hears us when we pray. We can purify ourselves of all impurities… Read More »Prayer To Remove The Enemy

Prayer To Remove Stumbling Blocks

In this post, we will look at the popular Catholic prayer to remove stumbling blocks and how it can be helpful in times of trial. We will learn its meaning, the history behind it and find out the conditions for saying this powerful prayer. Stumbling blocks are hindrances to one’s advancement or achievement. They are… Read More »Prayer To Remove Stumbling Blocks

Prayer To Remove Spirit Of Anger

Prayer To Remove Spirit Of Anger. Prayer is a powerful tool for removing sins and evil influences from one’s life. The power and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ is unlimited, and therefore He is ready to accept and answer our prayers, doing everything possible to remove black Curses and all negative energy in our… Read More »Prayer To Remove Spirit Of Anger

Prayer To Remove Soul Ties

Are you trying to break a soul tie or remove a soul tie without much luck ? Try this easy prayer to break and remove soul ties on your own . My daughter had been struggling with addiction for several years. We tried many things to help her, but nothing seemed to work. Until we… Read More »Prayer To Remove Soul Ties