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Fefe Maduka

Bible Study Guide For Beginners

The Bible has been a source of inspiration and wisdom for millions of people throughout the centuries. It’s full of stories, parables, and instructions on how to live a meaningful life. But how do you know if the Bible is right for you? Maybe you’ve been told that it’s not for everyone, or maybe you’ve… Read More »Bible Study Guide For Beginners

Bible Study For Youth Topics

There are a number of Bible Study topics for kids that any child can use. The Bible, in the book of Job, states “Young men gather around me; yes, I always tell them everything I know.”  However, if you think about it, what youth hears three hours of preaching every week that’s applicable to their… Read More »Bible Study For Youth Topics

Bible Study for Your Mood App

Bible study for your Mood is an app that helps you discover the Bible in a completely new way. So how do you fit reading the Bible into your smartphone? The Bible study for your Mood app delivers a fresh take on this piece of literature, and puts it at your fingertips in seconds via… Read More »Bible Study for Your Mood App

Bible Study For Young Moms

The Bible is a book that I have loved from the very beginning, and yet it’s one that I barely understand. It was the beginning of it all for me, having been raised by parents who loved God. It wasn’t until later in life that I began to not only that love but also that… Read More »Bible Study For Young Moms

Bible Study For Widows

In 1 Timothy 5:3, Paul speaks of widows and instructs that younger widows are to be trained in a manner worthy of respect. There are a lot of widows in the Bible who have changed the world and become religious icons. This list of widows in the bible New Testament will inspire you to pursue… Read More »Bible Study For Widows

Bible Study For The Homeless

Bible study for the homeless. These websites are meant to help people in our community in Chico, California, who are poor or homeless. The “Homeless” link above will take you to a directory of all the files available on this site, one of which is my essay on the Book of Proverbs. You may find… Read More »Bible Study For The Homeless

Bible Study For The Elderly

Bible Study For The Elderly Bible Study for the Elderly is a Bible study made by Northwest Christian Outreach Center and Northwest Bible Gateway. The program is designed to give you and your loved ones a means to get started in Bible study and prayer. This Bible study is therapeutic and allows seniors to express… Read More »Bible Study For The Elderly