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Fefe Maduka

Bible Verses About Bread

Bread is a gift of God, and the bread we eat at the Lord’s Supper is a sign that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in us. Therefore, when we come together to assemble for the Lord’s Supper, it is important that we accept people of all races and cultures as brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus… Read More »Bible Verses About Bread

Bible Verses About A Good Life

Because we don’t always know what a “good life” looks like, here are some validation from the Bible that you can hold onto. If you feel uncertain that there is anything meaningful or important in your life, just breathe and really take this in: There is hope and purpose for you. Bible verses about a… Read More »Bible Verses About A Good Life

Bible Verses About Arguments

Differences are inevitable in any relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in an unhealthy one. When conflict arises, it’s important to remember that God will give you wisdom and strength when you need it most — even during arguments with family members, friends and coworkers. If you’re struggling with arguments and tension… Read More »Bible Verses About Arguments

Bible Verses About Lilies

Lilies are a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us. They are fragile and delicate, yet God created them to stand out among many. The Bible mentions lilies several times, especially in the Song of Solomon. Bible Verses About Lilies (Lilium Nudidum): God’s promises are likened to lilies and they are the most fragrant and… Read More »Bible Verses About Lilies

Bible Verses About Aging

Aging is a part of life, and it’s also a constant reminder that you’re living out your days on this earth. As long as you continue to age, though, there are plenty of Bible verses about growing old to help you cope with the changes that come with aging. As we age, we may feel… Read More »Bible Verses About Aging

Bible Verses About Casting Stones

Casting stones is a biblical concept. The Bible talks about the importance of not casting the first stone, even for people who have done wrong themselves. This can be in the form either of condemning someone or punishing them for their wrongs. There are plenty of accusations being thrown around these days. People have an… Read More »Bible Verses About Casting Stones

Bible Verses About Boasting

Boasting is the act of bragging about or flaunting one’s own achievements, but it can also mean exaggeration. The Bible warns against boasting because it does not glorify God. Instead, we are called to be humble and recognize that all glory belongs to Him. When people boast about their accomplishments, it is called boasting. Biblically… Read More »Bible Verses About Boasting