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Archangel Ariel Prayer For Animals

Archangel Ariel is the Master of animals and can heal all creatures great and small. She will help you protect, heal, and guide your animal companions while they are in your care. But she doesn’t just work with four-legged friends. You might find yourself guided to seek her help when a friend or loved one has passed. Perhaps you will find yourself moving forward on a past life issue you had with an animal soul who is now ready to move on to something new. In this article you will also learn about archangel ariel powers.

When it comes to our pets, we treat them like family. And yet, we forget that they are also animals—wild and free-spirited creatures who need our help as much as we need theirs. You will also read about archangel raphael prayer in this page.

We’ve got a big heart for animals and a passion for helping them. That’s why we’re so excited to launch Archangel Ariel Prayer For Animals, which will offer you the opportunity to heal your pets’ emotional wounds while restoring their spiritual connection with nature.

Archangel Uriel prayer

Archangel Ariel, you are God’s lioness; in your glory and grace, enlighten the spirit of my beloved (name the animal) and help him return. guiding him to the house that adores him and his human family.

It’s with the sensation full of humility. that I humble myself before You in this hour of suffering that I and (name of the animal) are going through, when our pathways—which had previously been distinct due to a life circumstance—have now opened up, exposing us to various paths.

I hope our time apart is short! And may He find his way back to his family and be protected wherever he is by the Guardian Angels.

Archangel Ariel, I give myself over to any intuitive guidance I may receive in order to meet this being that showed me how to love in a way I had never known before—that is, with purity and detachment.

Much obliged, Archangel Ariel. In your kind ways, inspire the good hearts and sympathetic hands that could assist in returning my cherished animal to my house (name of the animal).

Okay, that’s OK. Thank you.

Nature’s angel Ariel I give thanks to God for creating you as such a strong guardian of the universe. Please support me in doing everything I can to preserve the natural environment that God has created.

Please help me to be a good animal lover and to assist animals in need by, for example, adopting a homeless dog or cat. Remind me that every animal is a gift from God whenever it makes me happy, whether it’s riding on a horse or simply listening to the birds sing in the morning. God wants all of creation to function as one in the unity of love, so let me be inspired to become a more loving person by the unconditional love that animals show us humans.

Encourage me to utilize natural resources wisely, preserving Earth’s resources (like water) and the energy I derive from them (like electricity). I should also recycle the items I use to avoid using more resources needlessly. Urge me to refrain from contaminating the exquisite surroundings that God has created. Tell me to pick up trash that I see lying around my neighborhood or take other action to assist clean up pollution whenever I come across it. Help me to be a savvy consumer—someone who leads a modest life and bases their purchases on environmentally friendly options. Give me the strength to use my life to bring healing to the planet rather than destruction.

You help humans fulfill our potential in life, just as you take care of God’s other creation and the natural resources. Please explain what objectives I should establish in order to fulfill God’s plans for my life. Tell me those thoughts in whichever form they come to me most naturally, like a dream. Please, Ariel, provide me with the motivation and assistance I require as I strive to fulfill the objectives you have motivated me to set. Whenever I feel anxious that I won’t be able to perform what God has called me to do, give me a fresh dosage of faith to conquer worry.

Archangel Ariel Prayer For Animals

What’s more, we’re offering you a chance to receive your own custom prayer that will help you connect with the divine energy of Archangel Ariel in order to heal yourself and your loved ones!

I am a pet owner, and I know that you are too. We all love our pets, and we want the best for them.

We know that they are not just animals, but truly our family members. We want to give them the best life possible, and we do what we can to make sure that they are happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, sometimes our best intentions don’t work out as planned. Pets can get sick or injured at any time, and sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it.

But there is something we can do: pray for your pet!

I have been praying for my pets for years now, and I have seen amazing results. In fact, many times when I’m praying for my pets something happens where their illness or injury is healed completely! It’s amazing!

Animals need spiritual assistance to make sure they will be cared for and protected. Any time you see an animal that needs help, call on Archangel Ariel. She is the angel who is always standing by to assist animals as well as the Earth itself. Try these prayers if you ever need help communicating with your pet, caring for a lost or injured animal, or just understanding the loved pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Archangel Raguel Prayer

If you have lost an animal, or are worried that the one you have may be lost, Archangel Raguel is the patron saint of animals. He can help return them to their owners.

  • Hold your hands together as though in prayer and repeat these words:

“Archangel Raguel, I pray for the safety and well-being of my pet (insert name here). May they be returned safely.”

  • Repeat this whenever you feel it is necessary

Archangel Chamuel Prayer

Archangel Chamuel is the archangel of peace, justice and equality. This prayer can be used by anyone who wants to help animals or their pets.

Archangel Chamuel Prayer For Animals:

“I call upon you Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and compassion, who brings healing to the animals suffering on Earth.”

“Let us all remember that all animals in need deserve our love and care.”

“May this prayer be a blessing for all those who are struggling with illness or injury, so they may find peace once again.”

The archangel ariel prayer is not what you want.

The archangel ariel prayer is not what you want. The archangel ariel prayer is not something you should do, nor is it the right way. If you are considering doing an archangel ariel prayer, I urge you to reconsider. Here’s why:

  • Archangels don’t have much power over animals in general—so why would they have any power over your animal companion?
  • Animals don’t live by our rules and expectations (because they are animals), so if an angel was actually going to intervene on their behalf, it would probably be in some other way that couldn’t be explained or understood by us humans (because angels).
  • Also, what if this “helpful” angel decided to help your neighbor’s dog instead? Or his cat? What then? You’d have no say in the matter!

Archangel Ariel Powers

Ariel means “altar” or “lion of God” in Hebrew. Other spellings include Ari’el, Arael, and Ariael. Ariel is known as the angel of nature.

As with all archangels, Ariel is sometimes depicted in male form; she is, however, more often seen as female. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants, as well as the care of the Earth’s elements (such as water, wind, and fire). She punishes those who harm God’s creation. In some interpretations, Ariel is also a liaison between the human and the elemental world of sprites, faeries, mystical crystals, and other manifestations of magic.

In art, Ariel is often depicted with a globe representing the Earth, or with elements of nature (such as water, fire, or rocks), to symbolize Ariel’s role caring for God’s creation on Earth. Ariel appears sometimes in male form and other times in the female form. She is often shown in pale pink or rainbow colors.

Origins of Ariel
In the Bible, Ariel’s name is used to refer to the holy city of Jerusalem in Isaiah 29, but the passage itself doesn’t refer to Archangel Ariel. The Jewish apocryphal text the Wisdom of Solomon describes Ariel as an angel who punishes demons. The Christian Gnostic text Pistis Sophia also says that Ariel works punishing the wicked. Later texts describe Ariel’s role caring for nature, including the “Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels” (published in the 1600s), which calls Ariel “Earth’s great lord.”

One of the Angelic Virtues
The angels were divided, according to St. Thomas Aquinas and other medieval authorities, into groups sometimes referred to as “choirs.” The choirs of angels include the seraphim and cherubim, as well as many other groups. Ariel is part of (or perhaps the leader of) the class of angels called the virtues, who inspire people on Earth to create great art and make great scientific discoveries, encourage them, and deliver miracles from God into people’s lives. Here is how one of the medieval theologians called Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite described the virtues in his work De Coelesti Hierarchia:

“The name of the holy Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakable virility welling forth into all their Godlike energies; not being weak and feeble for any reception of the divine Illuminations granted to it; mounting upwards in fullness of power to an assimilation with God; never falling away from the Divine Life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the superessential Virtue which is the Source of virtue: fashioning itself, as far as it may, in virtue; perfectly turned towards the Source of virtue, and flowing forth providentially to those below it, abundantly filling them with virtue.”
How to Request Help From Ariel
Ariel serves as the patron angel of wild animals. Some Christians consider Ariel to be the patron saint of new beginnings.

People sometimes ask for Ariel’s help to take good care of the environment and God’s creatures (including both wild animals and pets) and to provide healing that they need, according to God’s will (Ariel works with the archangel Raphael when healing). Ariel can also help you to forge a stronger connection with the natural or elemental world.

To call upon Ariel, you need only request her guidance for goals that are within her realm. For example, you might ask her “please help me to heal this animal,” or “please help me to better understand the beauty of the natural world.” You can also burn an archangel candle dedicated to Ariel; such candles are typically pale pink or rainbow colored.

Animals of the world, I now call upon you to come forward and be blessed. We are saying a prayer for animals and prayer for cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish and all animals who have been abused or abandoned. Just as we said a prayer for animals in captivity in zoos, we now say a prayer for pets that have been left without food or shelter. Know that your suffering is over and you will be cared for and loved now more than ever before. Lord God, we pray for all of your beautiful creatures. This is our prayer for animals and not just dogs or cats but all of them both known by us and unknown to us on this day. We ask that you protect them from evil men who kill whales to harvest their blubber or harm them in any way whatsoever so they can pass on peacefully into the afterlife with no pain or suffering whatsoever. Thank You!

Archangel Raphael Prayer

O Raphael, lead us toward those we are waiting for, those who are waiting for us: Raphael, Angel of happy meeting, lead us by the hand toward those we are looking for. May all our movements be guided by your Light and transfigured with your joy.

Angel, guide of Tobias, lay the request we now address to you at the feet of Him on whose unveiled Face you are privileged to gaze. Lonely and tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows of life, we feel the need of calling you and of pleading for the protection of your wings, so that we may not be as strangers in the province of joy, all ignorant of the concerns of our country. Remember the weak, you who are strong, you whose home lies beyond the region of thunder, in a land that is always peaceful, always serene and bright with the resplendent glory of God.

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