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Greek Orthodox Prayer To Archangel Michael

What The “H” Is A Shema? It’s A Prayer To Archangel Michael That’s What: A blog about the religion of the Greeks and how they pray to archangel Michael.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Greek Orthodox Prayer To Archangel Michael

We beseech thee, O Archangel Michael, Prince of Light, be our protector and defender. Keep us from the temptations of darkness which surround us so that we may be preserved in purity.

Archangel Michael, glorious prince of light, thou who art the leader of the heavenly hosts and chief of the holy angels, and who is set over all thrones and dominions and principalities and powers: do thou cast into hell satan who was an angel of light and has become a liar, a rebel against God and His Christ.

Archangel Michael, fight against satan and all his evil spirits who roam through the world seeking to destroy souls. Stand firm against them with all thy might because they are enemies to God.

ArchAngel Michael, great prince of light; faithful servant of Jesus Christ; powerful leader in the army of God; who dost crush demons under thy feet; we pray thee to send thy holy legions to fight under our standard against all evil forces. In Jesus’ name we pray….

Archangel Michael, Prince of Light, Defender of the Faith, Guardian of Our Souls. With gratitude for your protection and guidance this day, we ask that you intercede with God on our behalf. We pray for all those who are ill or in pain; for those who are grieving or hurting; for those who are confused or suffering from doubt; for those who are tempted to despair or turn from God in their hour of need.

We also pray for ourselves and ask that you give us courage in our daily lives; fortitude when we face adversity; perseverance in our struggles; strength to resist temptation; wisdom in making decisions. Please help us to trust in your guidance and follow your commands more fully each day. Please protect us from all evil and send us the help we need during times of trial. Amen

Dear Archangel Michael,

We ask that you protect us from all evil and harm. We ask that you help us to find our way through the trials of life. We ask that you guide us and bring us to a safe place. We ask for your protection for all who are in need of protection.

We pray to you, Archangel Michael, for protection from all evil forces, for protection from all that would harm or hurt us in any way. Help us to see what is happening around us and help us to understand it so we can make the right choices in our lives. Help those who are confused or lost find their way back home to the light and love of God. Help those who are struggling with depression find peace within themselves and joy once again in their hearts toward life’s challenges. We thank you for blessing us with your presence today as we pray these prayers out loud together before God’s throne room doors open wide as heaven itself!

O holy Archangel Michael,

who guards the Church of God,

and Victory, the most blessed Mother of God,

and all the Saints, we humbly beseech you to help us in our present plight.

May God rebuke you and cast you down to hell for your crimes against your fellow man.

May He turn His face from you and never again allow you to walk upon this earth.

May He extinguish forever the light of life within you so that you shall nevermore feel its warmth or bask in its glory.

We pray for our leaders and their advisers who have become seduced by your treachery and are now led astray by your lies and deceptions. We pray for our friends and family members who are confused about what is true and false, right and wrong because they believe what you tell them without question or thought; we ask that they be set free from your influence so that they may see clearly once again. We pray especially for those who have already fallen victim to your tricks; we pray that they will find their way back into the light of truth once again before any more damage is done by their actions in darkness while under your sway.

O Archangel Michael, please protect me.

I ask for your help in my time of need.

Please guide me and protect me from all evil.

You are a powerful protector and I am grateful for your help.

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