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 andy stanley sermons reactions

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I’ve been listening to his sermons since I was a kid, and I’m still not sure how he does it. He’s such an amazing speaker, and he always knows exactly what to say to get you to think about things in a new way.

I love all of his sermons, but one of my favorites is from the series “Inspiring Change.” It’s about how God wants us to change ourselves for the better, but He doesn’t want us to do it alone—He wants us to rely on His power. It’s a great reminder that no matter what we’re struggling with, God is always there for us!

I’ve been listening to Dr. Stanley sermons for years now, and I hear him say things that I’ve never heard anyone else say, and I’m so glad he does. He makes me think about my own life, about the way I view the world, and about how much I want to be a better person.

About  andy stanley sermons reactions

I love the way he’s able to blend humor with real-life experience in his sermons. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the people who are trying to make you feel bad about yourself, but Dr. Stanley makes me realize how important it is to be kinder than they are—and it’s not just because of what they think of me! It’s because kindness is something we all need more of in this world.

I also appreciate how Dr. Stanley doesn’t just talk about what we should do; he actually shows us how by sharing his own experiences with us. One time, he was talking about how important it is for Christians to forgive other Christians who have done wrong—and then he told us about when he didn’t forgive someone who had done him wrong!


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