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Advent Prayer For Peace

A Prayer For Peace

Advent is a time of year when we are encouraged to think about peace. We are called to turn our hearts and minds toward the cause of peace in our world, and to pray for it.

The Church offers us several different prayers for peace in Advent, such as this one: “Let us pray for peace.” This prayer is a simple one, but it has profound implications for our daily lives. It suggests that peace is something we ask for rather than something we take for granted or expect others to provide for us.

The Gospel of Luke tells us that Jesus was born into a time of war and chaos, when people were afraid and looking for someone who could lead them out of their troubles (Luke 2:1-7). In order to show them what true peace looks like, he grew up as an ordinary boy in Nazareth, living with his parents and performing miracles around town (Luke 2:39-52). Even though he was God’s son, he lived among us so that we could understand him better—and then he died on the cross so we could have eternal life through him!

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Advent Prayer For Peace


We may not be in control of all things, but we can look around us for the beauty and hope that God is at work in our lives. We have to trust that the Author of Life has a plan for us, even if we cannot see it clearly.

Almighty God,

Almighty God,

We thank you for the blessing of hope. We know that we can live in hope because of your promise to never leave us. You are the source of all love and life, and we are grateful for your mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Help us to always remember the power of prayer.

as we await the coming of your Son, lead us through this time of waiting and preparation.

As we await the coming of your Son, lead us through this time of waiting and preparation.

Prepare for the coming of Christ.

Expectation and hope are stirring in my heart for what is to come.

I will not be discouraged by trials or setbacks on this journey; rather, I will continue to believe that Jesus has returned for me!

As we are aware of our sin, cleanse us and renew our faith.

In this season of Advent, we are reminded of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. These events serve as a reminder that our sin is covered by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We are cleansed from sin through his blood and forgiven by God.

We also know that Christ’s coming to Earth was prophesied long before it happened. It was foretold in the Old Testament and promised to be fulfilled in the New Testament. The hope of Christ’s second coming is what keeps us going during hard times, because we know He will come back one day soon!

As you prepare yourself for Christmas, take time to reflect on your faith and remember how much God loves you! You have been given an opportunity not afforded by many people: prepare yourself with prayer so that when you meet Christ face-to-face at Christmas Mass, he will be able to renew your soul with His presence once again!

We pray that your light might shine in the darkest corners of our world.

We pray that your light might shine in the darkest corners of our world.

In these days before Christmas, we pray for God’s light to fill every corner of our lives. We know that sometimes it’s hard to see even one small glimmer of hope where we are. But God is able to bring light into places we never imagined possible.

This Advent season, let us commit ourselves more fully than ever before to shining the light of Christ wherever and whenever possible: in our homes, at work or school—even when things seem bleakest there. Let us be like those first Christians who spread their faith despite persecution; with them by our side, nothing can stop us from bringing love into this world as Jesus intended it to be!

Help those who suffer from hunger, violence, injustice or natural disaster.

Hunger. Violence. Injustice. Natural disasters. These are problems that people around the world face every day, and they’re problems that you can help solve through prayer.

In this season of Advent, we ask God to help us find ways to make a difference by giving us strength in our daily lives as well as insight into how we can do more than just pray for those who suffer from hunger, violence, injustice or natural disaster—we also ask him to guide us toward meaningful action on their behalf through our own efforts.

It’s important not just because these issues are affecting more people than ever before (hunger especially), but also because they’re affecting more people than ever before—in fact there is no time in history where so many people have been able to communicate with each other so quickly and easily via social media platforms such as Facebook Live or Twitter DMs/texts/emails/etc., which means that there has never been greater potential for both good news stories about overcoming adversity

Bring comfort to those who are grieving and hope to those who are departing from life.

Remember those who are grieving.

There are many people who will spend this Christmas season grieving the loss of someone: a friend, a family member, or even their own life. Help them through this time by reminding them that you love them and care about their pain. If you’re able to offer comfort in person, do so; if not, send your love via text or email instead. You may also want to consider sending flowers or other gifts related to healing and hope as a way of sending your love and support.

May we be generous with our resources and patient with each other.

  • May we be generous with our resources and patient with each other.

We come to this season of Advent in a time of great need. No doubt you have seen the news stories about people sleeping on the streets, or heard heartbreaking stories from friends and family members who have been affected by tragedy. These stories are all too common these days. In an ideal world, we would all have enough to meet our needs without having to ask for assistance from others—but the reality is that there are many people struggling just like you and me. We cannot fix all of their problems, but we can extend ourselves as best as possible by giving generously to those in need throughout this holiday season. As Christians, it is part of our faith that God will provide for us when we give generously; but even if there were no such promise attached to our charity work (and even if there wasn’t), it still wouldn’t make sense not to help others less fortunate than ourselves during this time when millions around the world seem especially needy because they don’t have enough food or shelter or safety—not because they’re lazy slackers unwilling to work hard! That’s why I encourage everyone reading this article right now: please donate whatever money you can afford today towards alleviating hunger in developing countries abroad; don’t wait until December 25th rolls around before deciding whether or not you’ve got something worth giving away! Even if it feels like everything has fallen apart around us because things aren’t going exactly according how planned…we still need patience more than ever before.”

We ask you to be near us during this holy season and to bring us close to each other in love.

Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of Christ. During this season, we pray for hope, peace and joy in our lives. As we enter into Advent, may you find strength through prayer during times of doubt and uncertainty.

During this holy season, we are reminded that God comes near to us through prayer and presence as we seek Him out as our Savior. With this in mind, it is important that we also seek out those who are lonely or without companionship during this time of year; perhaps by helping them with their daily needs or bringing them food on Christmas day itself!

Also during this holy season, it is important to remember that Jesus came not just as King but also as servant – so if there are any talents or gifts within ourselves (or others), let us share them freely with others around us so that they might benefit from something new being offered up in love!

Use this advent prayer for hope to prepare yourself for the coming of Christ.

The coming of Christ is a time of hope and peace. It’s a time when we see the good in each other, and we’re able to share our love with others by giving them food, clothing, and shelter. The coming of Christ is also a time when people can reflect on their past year, what they’ve learned from it, and how they can use that knowledge to help themselves grow as individuals.

As each day passes during this season leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ, think about how you can become better at giving charity or goodwill towards others. Think about how you can be more reflective during this time so that when December 25th comes around you’re ready for celebration after being reflective all month long!


Pray today for the miracle of hope.

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