A Prayer For Unborn Baby

Dear Lord,

I pray for the soul of this unborn child. Please guide them on their path in life as they grow and become a person with their own set of beliefs, passions and dreams. Protect them from harm and guide them in the right direction. Help them to feel your love and grace through the people around them that you have placed there for their benefit so that they may learn from them as well. Help them to feel safe in your arms when they cry out for help because they know that you are always there for them no matter what happens in life. Give them peace of mind so that they can sleep well at night knowing that someone cares about them but also so that they can have confidence when facing problems head on during the day time hours because they know you will always be there watching over every single one of us at all times whether we realize it or not while we are awake or sleeping peacefully away from home without any worries whatsoever at all no matter how big or small so long as it is within reason of course (we still need some privacy sometimes too) because otherwise it would be impossible for us ever get anything done without any distractions whatsoever going on around us.

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A Prayer For Unborn Baby

Heavenly Father, how I thank You for the precious gift of my new baby.

Heavenly Father, how I thank You for the precious gift of my new baby.

Thank You for a healthy pregnancy, and the privilege of being a mother.

Thank You for giving me the chance to experience this miracle! I’m so excited that my family is growing!

Thank you again, God.

Loving God, I rejoice to know that You are with me through this waiting period.

I rejoice to know that you are with me through this waiting period.

I will be patient, for patience is a virtue. Patience is the key to success, and it can help you achieve your goals. I want to cultivate patience because it’s a virtue—and not just any virtue, but one of the greatest virtues anyone can possess in this world!

Dearest Lord Jesus, I give myself and my unborn child into Your safekeeping.

Dear Lord Jesus, I give myself and my unborn child into Your safekeeping.

You are the one who can protect us from all harm, no matter what Satan dares to throw our way.

Protect this unborn baby from any attacks by Satan and his demons, who are always on the lookout for new victims in order to destroy them.

O Lord, I pray that this pregnancy will be a healthy one.

O Lord, I pray that this pregnancy will be a healthy one.

I pray for the safety and health of my unborn child and for their mother. I pray for them to have a smooth delivery and no complications. I pray them to be healthy, both physically and mentally. I also ask you to bless any other people who are involved with this pregnancy so that they can provide help or comfort if needed.

Fervent prayers for a healthy year old boy who has been diagnosed with a severe heart condition.

When a parent is facing the possibility of losing her child, she needs to be able to lean on her faith in God. It is important that you are not alone in this time of uncertainty, and that your family and friends will support you through every step of the way. With God’s help, I know my son will get better very soon!

I believe that God has a plan for everyone—even if we don’t understand it at first glance. But when we trust Him with our lives, He can use even the hardest trials for His divine purposes: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28

In addition to praying for my baby boy’s health improvements each day, I also pray every night before he goes to sleep so that he is protected from any potential harm during his nightly slumber hours as well as during any other times when he may need extra protection from evil forces around us (such as nightmares). His father and I also discuss these matters often throughout our days so we can stay focused on doing whatever needs done right now rather than worrying about what could possibly happen tomorrow–or next year–or ten years down the road.”

Thank You for this little life within me – for the wonder of its being – for the joy it brings me in anticipation of holding it in my arms – and thanking You for the privilege of being a mother to this lovely little baby.

You are in the very early stages of your pregnancy and you have a lot of questions. I understand that. What is going on inside my belly? How do I know if it’s healthy? Why do I have to wait until the baby is born to get answers about this pregnancy?

Here’s the thing: God knew what He was doing when He placed this little one within you. He knows what is best for your baby, which is why we place our trust in Him and not ourselves or others around us when it comes to decisions regarding our unborn children. It may seem like it now, but one day you’ll be able to look back on this time as an incredible opportunity for growth—both spiritually and emotionally—and see how everything worked out exactly as it should have!

Give me patience in my waiting – help me to continue to believe that all things are possible with you – trusting in You as Mary did when she carried Your son within her own body.

  • Keep your focus on the next milestone.
  • Try to stay positive.
  • Relax as much as possible, and try not to stress yourself out over things that are out of your control.



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