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Praise And Worship Songs List

Are you looking for an encouraging praise and worship song list? The songs on the praise and worship songs list below have been sung all over the world. They can help you be encouraged in your day to day life or during tough times. You can also use these songs for assisting worship and leading others in song. The best praise songs are found in this article.

Praise and worship songs are commonly known as Christian songs because it is included in the church praise and worsper music. Though there are many songs that focus on praising God, some of them have a different theme but praise God at the same time. You’ll also see powerful worship songs in this article.

Praise And Worship Songs List

Guitar chord E is our opening today.Just like in the previous two posts, the list is beginning with the guitar chord E. But if you are new to this series, you need to know a little bit of information before knowing the list of praise and worship songs using guitar chord E. All of the praise and worship songs listed here have been suggested by my readers and now they are part of my daily worship song playlist since they are mostly uplifting, encouraging and also accompanied by classical music or flute sound. 

Praise and worship songs list

  1. “You Are Holy” – Hillsong Worship
  2. “Your Love Never Fails” – Jesus Culture
  3. “How Great You Are” – All Sons and Daughters
  4. “Glory to God Forever” – Hillsong Worship
  5. “Mighty to Save” – Hillsong Worship

Praise and worship songs list

10,000 Reasons

  • Song was released in 2011
  • Song was written by Matt Redman
  • Song placed on Billboard charts
  • Part of the album 10,000 Reasons
  • Grammy Award winner for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song (2012)

This song is a worship song that was originally written for the Passion Conference in Atlanta. The author of this song wanted to express his gratitude for God’s grace and love through music. He felt that this could be done best with music that touched people’s hearts and encouraged them to praise God.

Bless The Lord

Heaven has blessed you with an opportunity to hear these songs and hear their words. You can listen to them on your phone or computer, or you can even play them in the car while driving. The important thing is that you are learning about Christ and worshipping Him with your body, mind, and soul. These songs will help connect your heart to God’s heart as He allows us to see His love through every word of His mouth.

If you have any questions about what praise and worship songs are all about (or if there is a certain type of Bible verse that interests you), feel free to reach out! We hope this list has helped introduce new ways for everyone here at our church – whether they’re new followers or longtime members – to deepen their relationship with God through music!

How Great Is Our God

  • How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin
  • Story behind the song: It was originally written as a hymn, but after the songwriter heard it sung at a church service, he decided to make it into a contemporary Christian song. He later released it in 2004 as part of his album “Arriving.”
  • Why you should listen to it: It’s an uplifting worship song that will stir your soul and bring you closer to God.

O Praise The Name (Anastasis) – Hillsong Worship

This song is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was written by Benjamin Hastings, Dean Ussher and Marty Sampson. The song is from the album Open Heaven / River Wild which was released in 2015. The song is 2:53 minutes long

Great Are You Lord

Great Are You Lord was written by David Leonard, Jason Ingram, and Leslie Jordan. It was released by Integrity Music and All Sons & Daughters in 2012 on the album Live. The song appeared on the 2013 album The Church as well as other albums by All Sons & Daughters.

All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises

  • All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises – Paul Baloche

I love this song because it reminds me of Psalm 66:1-2, which says “Come let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” We are called as Christians to praise God no matter what and no matter where we are. We should feel free in worshiping God in everyday life. This song is about how all creation praises Him for who He is and for everything He does for them, even when we don’t always see those things with our eyes or understand them with our minds!

The lyrics say: “The heavens declare Your glory, O LORD, And Your fingers display Your handiwork” (vs 1). This means that everything from the sun and moon shining brightly at night while they’re spinning around each other just like they were made by God’s hands all day long until dawn comes again tomorrow morning when they start doing it all over again…to even tiny little ants crawling up walls inside your house right now without anyone being able to stop them from doing so because that’s just how powerful these creatures really are compared against any human beings alive today…they’re still going strong despite having been here since before Adam & Eve were banished from Eden! That shows how much power there really is within nature itself when we look closely enough.”

Awesome God

Awesome God is a Christian song written by Rich Mullins in 1988. It was first released on the album Winds of Heaven, Water of Earth later that year, and has since been covered by multiple artists.

The song was written in response to a request from the pastor of a church who asked Rich to write them a worship song. The next day he wrote Awesome God in one night while sitting on his couch with his guitar.

Powerful Worship Songs

Holy, Holy, Holy

  • The first verse is a reference to Psalm 29:2.
  • It is also called the Sanctus, and was originally written in Latin. The Sanctus has been translated into many languages, including English and Greek. The original Latin version is used during mass in the Catholic Church and other Christian churches that use Roman Catholic liturgy.

Here I Am to Worship/Call – Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship, who wrote the song “Here I Am to Worship”, is a Christian worship band based out of Australia. The song was written by Tim Hughes and released in 2001 by Hillsong Music Australia.

Hosanna – Hillsong United

  • Who wrote it?
  • Who sang it?
  • What records did they set with this song?
  • How many times has this song been played on the radio?

Everlasting God

  • “Everlasting God”
  • Words and music by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves and Brenton Brown, from the album Arriving.

Verse 1:

Everlasting God, You’re worthy of all praise

You are faithful through all ages

Your love endures forever

Pre-Chorus 1:

And though my heart may fail me now and then when I see what You’ve done for me

I know Your love is strong enough to carry me through the day or night (yes)

Best Praise Songs

Praise and worship songs are part of Christian music.

Praise and worship songs are an important part of the Christian music genre, which has many different genres within it. The most well-known types of Christian music are contemporary Christian, gospel and worship. Songs in these categories are often used as part of a church service or event that features praise and worship time. Singing praise and worship songs is also an important aspect of Christianity: people sing together to honor God about things he’s done for them or for others around them.

Some people think that singing praise and worship songs can be very beneficial because they help us connect with God through music we enjoy listening to!

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